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Month: August 2016

ClassDojo to Roll Out Student Stories to Allow Better Sharing of Classwork

Since not many parents get to know what their kids do at school apart from just homework, ClassDojo intends to change all that by including Student Stories to its application. This new platform will allow students to share classwork activities such as poems and experiments through videos and photos with their parents.

Liam Don, the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of ClassDojo, told The 74 most students only share their homework activities with their parents while the other exciting activities are left out. Consequently, he expressed his hopes in boosting student learning, as dinner table interactions and conversations about school or class will increase.

Educators such as Stephanie Smith, a Roy Waldron fourth grade teacher, also indicated positive impacts of the Student Stories in an interview with The 74. According to her, the platform will enable students to archive as well as gain pride in their activities. Archiving their work will give students a chance to assess their growth.

Other educators such as Cindy Price asserted that the new tool will promote self-confidence among the students since it will trigger and increase a sense of pride in each of their activities in class. ClassDojo expects the new platform to gain enormous popularity among parents and teachers in comparison to its existing platforms such as Class Story and School Story.


ClassDojo is an education communication platform that has been garnering massive popularity in the academic or education sector, especially in the United States. A testament to this is fact is the current rating whereby 2 in 3 schools utilize the services of ClassDojo. This year, the platform reached a record of 85,000 schools in the US boasting of both private and public academic institutions. It makes it easier for teachers, parents and students to connect with each other in a bid to share the activities taking place at school. This is usually done through the sharing of messages, videos as well as pictures.

Apart from assisting teachers in implementing progressive ideas regarding education matters such as personalized learning, it has turned schools and class rooms into close-knit communities. Consequently, this has created a positive culture in schools and among students, which share the belief of improving education together. Apart from the impressive leadership qualities of the company’s leaders, it boasts of a team of educators, designers and engineers whose background can be traced from various companies such as Google, Airbnb, Dropbox, Y Combinator as well as charter and public schools.


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A Review of Dick DeVos’s Business Interests

Dick is a renowned American entrepreneur and philanthropist. His father, Richard DeVos is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. This is a conglomerate, which mainly deals in the distribution of healthcare, personal care and household products. The firm distributes the aforementioned products via an intricate network of independent sales agents, who recruit other dealers. This chain goes all the way down until the products reach the consumers.

DeVos began working at Amway straight out of college in 1974. He held several positions within the organization. One decade into his Amway career, Dick was appointed Vice President. This role also made him an overseer of the firm’s set-ups in 18 countries. After helping Amway record massive profits, Dick left in 1989 to pursue his personal interests. He started Windquest Group, a firm involved in the production and marketing of closet and storage organizers.

DeVos was appointed to head NBA team Orlando Magic by his father in 1991. The family had just acquired the sporting franchise and wanted a proven business leader to head it. Dick was the most suited person for the role. He led the basketball franchise through one of the most successful spells in its history. During this time, he was also involved in the day to day operations of Windquest Group. In 1993, Dick DeVos was appointed Amway’s president by the firm’s board to succeed his father. His term was eventful because he oversaw sweeping changes within the organization. Strategic restructuring saw the firm become one of the best-run corporations.

Dick’s Family Life, Education and Charity

The Grand Rapids native has had notable success in business, philanthropy, political activism and sports. He has constantly been named among the most prominent humanitarians. He founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, through which they support different initiatives in Grand Rapids and beyond. The foundation has benefitted numerous organizations and causes. These include Grove City College, Rehoboth Christian School, the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, and Kids Hope USA.

Being a supporter of the Republican Party, Dick DeVos is involved in political advocacy. He has used his personal funds to support several legislations. Besides this, he is a dynamic civic leader, and spearheads local initiatives including the Grand Action. Dick is also an accomplished author. He is credited with penning blockbuster “Rediscovering American Values”, which was critically acclaimed. Mr. DeVos is a graduate of the famed Forest Hills school system, and Northwood University. He is similarly an accomplished sailor and aviator. He has won numerous sailing competitions.

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