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Talk Fusion Lands Industry Award

The internet has dramatically changed the way that people interact with and do business with each other. Talk Fusion, founded by CEO Bob Reina, has been at the forefront of this innovation by creating a suite of marketing solutions for video and audio communication. Talk Fusion has quickly risen to the top of the Video Marketing Solutions industry and now they are being rightfully rewarded for it. Talk Fusion was recently decorated with the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the team at Technology Marketing Corporation.

Technology Marketing Corporation likes to award industry leaders who focus on bringing new and engaging concepts to their particular field: communication solutions. Rich Tehrani, the CEO at TMC, said in a press release that the winners of the award were, ” True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Tehrani’s words were not taken lightly by any of the winners of the award, least of all by Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina.

Reina has been the candid and vocal leader at Talk Fusion since the company was first established back in 2007. Upon receiving the award from Tehrani and TMC, Reina was quick to put out his own statement. Reina said, “This is just the beginning.” Reina went on to applaud his hard working IT team as well as all of the other members of his staff. Reina pointed out that his company succeeds because they are so focused on staying ahead of the pack and staying ahead of the curve.

Talk Fusion received their award honor for their work on the Video Chat application that has recently been tearing up the sales charts. This application is part of Talk Fusion’s marketing suite and it is one of their most innovative products to date. The Video Chat application runs on WebRTC technology and it allows users to interface together in real time via video messaging from anywhere in the world across any platforms. Talk Fusion will continue to excel so long as they offer these sorts of innovative products.

@Media: http://www.talkfusion.com/en/press/media


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How has Success Academy avoided the problems public schools often have?

Public education in the United States is in crisis. So much so, American students tend to fall far below their counterparts in other developed countries in testing, and within the United States public school students are failing or dropping out in record numbers.


Charter schools in the U.S., however, are often educating and graduating students with exceptional testing scores and with the ability to be accepted at some of the best universities in the country. Charter schools like New York-based Success Academy network are doing so without any of the typical problems public schools have to face. How has this happened, and what has Success Academy done to avoid the problems public schools generally face.


Discipline, a dress code and hard work — Much of the life of a student at a Success Academy school is based around three things. Discipline, a dress code and hard work.


What that means is, unlike in public schools where dress code is lax, where discipline is overlooked as teachers are simply overwhelmed, and where hard work is not stressed, Success Academy stresses all three.


That is because its founder believes, if these three things are covered it then leaves the school free to offer a high quality education for all of its students, without having to waste its precious time and resources on other things.


The type of education a Success Academy student receives — The type of education a typical student at a Success Academy receives is markedly different from that of a normal public school as well.


Instead, of being stuck in a classroom all day listening to a teacher talk, a Success Academy student only has 80 minutes of formal instruction. The rest of the day is spent working on group projects with peers, inquiry-based learning and being involved in electives like playing chess, dancing, photography, robotics and entrepreneurship.


For a Success Academy student that means, while discipline may be strict, the education itself and the being in school is fun and, while subjects like English, math and science are stressed, they are presented in a way that students enjoy.


No wonder Success Academy students test in the top 10 percent of the state in all the core subjects.




The Remarkable Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan publishing company as a senior editor in the year 2016. Over time, he has specialized in helping main street Americans grow their wealth through investments, technology, small-caps stocks and special opportunities.

Paul got into Wall Street in 1991, where he began his career at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He really was good at what he did and this was vivid by his advancements to prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. These positions allowed him to manage multimillion-dollar accounts, which he did successfully. His skills and familiarities to Wall Street led the owners of Kinetic Asset Management, a hedge fund based in New York, to recruit him in order to manage the $6 billion firm in 2006. Just as Remarkable as Paul is, the hedge fund remarkably increased its assets to $25 billion under his leadership. This caught Barron’s attention and named the hedge fund as one of the “World’s Best” for averaging 26% annual returns.

Further, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part in the well known prestigious investment competition designed by the Templeton Foundation. He was given $50 million for investment which he generated returns within a single year to $88 million. This might be an obvious thing for such a person to achieve but the impressive part is that; he did it during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis. When most people could not avoid losing their investments during the crisis, Paul Mampilly still managed to be remarkable.

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About Paul Mampilly

After a long while of making money for the Ultra rich, Paul decided to shift his focus in retirement to spend time with family and to give back to the industry by helping everyday people in profiting from their investments. During this time, Paul founded the popular newsletters Profit Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes and his 2017 new research service called True Momentum.

Paul has developed a routine where he always rises early in the morning at around 0530hrs to go through all the news about current market trends around the world and North America, in the USA and Canada. Afterward Paul checks on companies that he tracks. This has enabled Paul to stay informed on the current trend of the market and closely monitors specific companies of interest. This is a clear indication on Paul’s effort in remain remarkable at his Job. Paul Mampilly is also known to carry out extensive research before rushing into something. He knows how to do things, how to do them and when to do them. This shows how wise he is as a person and with the market. Paul remains remarkable at what he does and this reflects to his personal life to.

Read: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/paul-mampilly

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Relax Knowing Your Money Is In Good Hands

There are thousands of local and business residents that rely on the NexBank name for trusted and quality financial services in the Dallas area. They have been serving their clients for well over 60+ years. Discover the benefits of knowing that you can have financial freedom with minimal account fees. Customers have the comforts of speaking to a live customer service professional over the an automated system like their competitor financial networks. Rest assured your finances are protected with over $40 billion dollars in assets and a modest FDIC government backed insurance for additional protection when and where you need it.

John Holt, CEO and President, successful runs NexBank and played the role as keynote speaker at a Texas Strategic Financial Opportunity Annual Conference. They focus on three core financial services including industrial, commercial, and investing banking. However, Holt, still has a strong focus on his personalized account holders. They’re also hoping to use their $24 million dollars in common equity to expand their general counsel. He would also like to add leadership professionals by a few top professionals this year. Their customers can rest assured that they will have the benefits of integrated services that are unmatched by anyone.

NexBank Account Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– Anytime access

– Interest savings

– 24/7 customer service

and more…

You can take part in the college savings program with over 1,600+ programs to choose from along with savings on specialized college expenses. Low income residents have the benefits of purchasing their first home through a home owners program. They have partnered with Habitat For Humanity to make this program available. You’re invited to become a reliable NexBank customer today for more services and features that will help maximize your money.

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