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Barbara Stokes Pushes To Create More Jobs With Green Structure Homes

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Barbara Stokes, along with Scott Stokes, established their company, Green Structure Homes back in 2008 and it specializes in manufacturing and construction for disaster relief. Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, Green Structure provides a variety of solutions that are useful to customers from the private sector and even the government. They implement state of the art engineering techniques and design which has been applauded by many for how cost effective and cutting edge their work is. This is largely due to Barbara’s strong background in disaster relief and already being an expert in the industry. Between Barbara and Scott, they have more than 30 years experience in their field. Follow Barbara Stokes on Linkedin.com.

Working closely together, Barbara and Scott Stokes, CEO and COO, having been trying to push to create more manufacturing jobs in Alabama by focusing their operations on both residential and commercial structures. Not only this, but Green Structure has also been pushing to create more jobs in states across the country, with eight states joining in on the project. Since the modular construction and design is in growing demand, business looks good and manufacturing jobs will be increasing in the coming years. Read more about Barbara Stokes at crunchbase.com.

The eight states included in the project to create more jobs are Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Alabama. This is also largely thanks to a massive 28 million dollar contract that was picked up by Green Structure Homes in response to providing disaster relief in wake of hurricane Harvey.

Barbara and Scott Stokes have expressed their satisfaction in being afforded such an opportunity, not only for themselves or their business, but to be helping out the community at large around the country. Along with their contract, Green Structure Homes intends to support the local businesses in these communities to create indirect job growth as well. Barbara Stokes has been given an opportunity to show off the innovation and manufacturing prowess of Green Structure Homes and intends to make the best of it through safely designed homes that will help families in need. The Earliest Estimate for the completion of Green Structure’s project is in March of 2018.

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