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EOS Review on the New Attractive Lip Balm

The lip balm industry has proven to be a competitive industry because any new product introduced always makes significant headlines. Even though Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has been rocking the industry for some time, the entrance of the vegan flavored lip balm has made everyone completely surprised. The primary targets of this flavor are customers who have been loyal to EOS and those who have been unable to enjoy past lip balm due to particular ingredients.

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Vegan crystal flavored lip balm has been appreciated by many people globally who are buying it more than it can be produced. The product is clear, organic and utterly animal by-product free. The past EOS lip balm contained beeswax which prevented it from being vegan, but the vegan one lacks wax.

Interestingly, the lip balm was sold out at their website the same day it was released. When the vegan crystal lip balm was introduced, celebrities like Christian Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus already had them in their purses. EOS was recognized worldwide overnight making headlines on fashion magazines, see allure.com.

Evolution of Smooth was founded in 2006 by Craig Dubitsky, who is currently operating an oral hygiene company, Hello. Craig has worked so hard to produce the best products that can battle Burt Bees. The New York-based company, EOS, take note of interesting, healthy ingredients and the best flavors that customers love.

It is easy to recognize EOS products as they are round and colorful selling at affordable prices. An EOS manufactured product is paraben-free, 95% organic, and contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter, jojoba oil, and butter. Moreover, other than lip balms, EOS provides the market with shave creams, body lotions, and hand lotions. Its products are offered online and in retailers stores through the U.S and in Canada, order here. EOS products have gained love from many people.

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