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Clay Siegall Hopes to Transform Seattle Genetics

Seattle’s premier biotech firm, Seattle Genetics, is the home of some of the most cutting-edge technology the region has ever seen, yet from the beige facades of the buildings that make up the location, one wouldn’t necessarily glean this fact upon viewing them. At the center of Seattle Genetics’ practice is the study of human antibodies, which have been used to produce new drugs since its inception in 1998. In the drugs that Seattle Genetics’ produces, the antibodies work in conjunction to create a forceful payload used to combat cancer cells from the inside, out. The strategies used at Seattle Genetics are making waves for the entire market and many experts project that it could catapult the growing company into the stratosphere. Because the Seattle biotech community has been experiencing a myriad of up and downs in recent times, many are hoping that the recent successes of Seattle Genetics are a sign of positive trends for the future.

Today, Seattle Genetics has a roster of 900 employees with a market value of almost $10 billion, making it the largest biotech corporation in the state of Washington. Due to its exponential growth over the years, Seattle Genetics hopes to transition from a biotech company into a major pharmaceutical company in the near future. With nearly 200 employees scheduled to be added to the roster this year, the President, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Cofounder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, sees his company as an emerging power in the world of oncology. The impending launch of Seattle Genetics’ flagship drug, Adcetris, is seen to be the product that will take the company to next level, due to its promising tests. Clay Siegall has been open in his intention to take on all aspects of international marketing, taking a stance that is in direct opposition to the one it held in its early years, where it sold its commercial rights in an effort to raise capital.

Clay Siegall is currently the Chairman, CEO, and President of Seattle Genetics, having co-founded it in 1998, and he received his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland, and his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. During his time as the head of Seattle Genetics, he has helped to deliver a series of antibody-based cancer treatments, including its flagship drug, Adcetris, which received approval from the FDA in 2011.

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