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Andrew Rolfe Clearly Cares About Poor Children

Recently, the Ubuntu Education Fund held a dinner fundraising event. Their goal was to raise at least six hundred thousand pounds. They exceeded that amount. The money will go to poor children in Africa. These children need help in getting a better education. They have a campus at Port Elizabeth, and they needed more funds to bring in more students so that they can have an impact on the lives of even more people. At the campus, there is a program for these disadvantaged children so that their health and education is taken care of until they can grow up and eventually start a successful career. All in all, Ubuntu Fund takes care of more than four hundred thousand poor students.

Over three hundred of the most famous wealthy individuals in London attended the vent. It was hosted by the chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe. At the event, a student called Sinesipho Rabidyani told her story. She said that as a child, her father was an alcoholic and could not take care of her. She hated going home from school. However, she was helped by the Ubuntu Fund. She got the support she needed to study and get a degree. She is now going to law school. She also helped her mother leave her abusive father. She said that she was only successful because of the help the Ubuntu Fund gave her. There were a few other students who gave accounts of how they were helped by the Ubuntu Fund. That is why people gave so much money. They wanted there to be more success stories.

So who is this chairman, Andrew Rolfe? He is the managing director of Towerbrook Capital Partners. However, he takes off a lot of his time to help poor children in Africa receive the education they need. He attended St. Andrews College, Eton College, the University of Oxford, where he got his BA, and Harvard Business School, where he go his MBA. He was the Vice President of Pepsico. He was the president of GAP Inc International. He has been the chairman of Ubuntu for over ten years.


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