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Class Dojo to The Rescue

The days of parents taking time off from work to meet with the teacher is long gone. Thanks to Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don creators of the class Dojo app. This app so wonderfully connects teachers, students, and parents together.

Class Dojo Helps Teachers

The app actually frees-up the teacher time to teach more. The teacher is able to pinpoint the subjects that a student is struggling with. Grading assignments is automatic in the Class Dojo app. From the moment the student sits down until he completes an assignment the teacher is monitoring him. It is easy for the teacher to take attendance and give tailored assignments to each student. They are easily given positive reinforcements for good grades. The Class Dojo app sets the communication platform between teachers, parents, and students.

Students Love Class Dojo

The students get the ultimate gaming experiencing. The Class Dojo App looks and sounds just like a video game. They have an avatar that’s cute and a fun color. The app even sounds like a video game. The students love to earn points and badges for completing assignments and encouraging one another. Students are playing games tailored to each subject and they enjoy it. They love to brag about all the points and badges they earned. They earn points by being kind to each other and completing assignments.

The Benefits of the Class Dojo App

The communication between parents, teachers, and students is done easily. The app saves the parents time and money by cutting out the face to face meetings. Parents know exactly how the student is progressing in the classroom. Thanks to Class DojoTeachers have more time teaching the students. The app creates a positive culture in the school and at home. Class Dojo creates the perfect communication platform. Together with bridging the communication gap in the classroom Class Dojo creates a positive culture.

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Preston Smith, his Ten-Year Tenure at Rocketship Education, and The Many Lessons He’s Learned

Preston Smith is a co-founder of Rocketship Education, established in 2007 by himself and business partner John Danner in the San Francisco Bay Area, known around the world for formulating some of the most innovative business entities, organizations, products, and services. Rocketship Education is by no means short on innovation, having been one of the pioneers in personalized education lead by technological devices and custom educational software.

Rocketship Education recently hit its ten-year anniversary. Let’s look over several lessons that Preston Smith has been subject to throughout his first decade at the leading network of public charter schools.

Bases of employees should consist of the average demographic profile of the particular classes they teach. While Rocketshp Education doesn’t segregate classrooms based on nationality, race, ethnicity, or other demographical characteristics, it does group classrooms based on well-rounded demographic profiles. Teachers are hired in the proportion of students. For example, if one location has 60% Mexicans, 30% Koreans, and 10% whites spread across ten classrooms, admins will strive to hire 6 Mexican teachers, 3 Korean teachers, and 1 white teacher.

Parents should always be ready to ship their students away to other, nearby schools. Sometimes, educational institutions just don’t cut it in quality of education. As such, it’s important for parents to go through with their threats of moving students to other schools, even if it means taking them away from Rocketship Education’s facilities.

New plans, like the flex model from a few years ago, aren’t always guaranteed to be implemented. The flex model was tested at a few schools in Rocketship’s network. While some schools did very well with the program, which featured three teachers per oversized classroom with one school leader to oversee their performance, the fact that not every school succeeded was of concern, causing Preston Smith to roll back the flex model and never bring it to any schools again.

Rocketship Education has 18 locations across the United States, as far north as Wisconsin and as south as southern California. Twelve of these facilities are in Preston Smith’s and Rocketship Education’s home state of California, three in Nashville, one in Milwaukee, and two in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.


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