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EOS Lip Balm can keep everyone happy

EOS has always been the lip balm company that finds a way to stand out from the crowd, but the firm appears to have outdone itself with the new Vegan crystal flavors. The company isn’t changing what works well, as it is keeping the old familiar look and feel, but this time the product is one that even vegans can feel perfectly comfortable using.

Those who know EOS know the distinctive dome shape of the high-quality lip balm. The difference between the crystal version is that the dome isn’t a slightly cloudy looking mass of solid color. Instead, this time around you are able to see right through the balm. The reason the balm is now clear is that the crystal version of the balm is completely and totally animal product free says usmagazine.com.

That ‘s good news for vegans who have seen their friends use the balm and been drawn to it because of its high quality. EOS has long said it offers a totally natural alternative to what you can find on most store shelves. No longer using any kind of fat and tallow means that not only is this balm good for the environment but its also good for those animals that call the environment home.

Even better news for those who are interested in giving this new vegan option a try is that it doesn’t feel as though the recipe has been changed at all. This is still a balm that goes on nice and smooth and protects your lips all day long, refer also to celiacandthebeast.com. I’ve long used this balm both in the summer and in the winter. I have lips that chap easily and EOS has the product that is able to make sure that I feel as good as I can while avoiding any kind of discomfort, both physically and emotionally.

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