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Jewel Inspired Crystal Lip Balms By EOS Hit The Lip Care Scene

The recent EOS launch of Crystal Lip Balms introduced clear EOS lip balms to the world! Thousands of fans saw pictures of the pretty, crystal clear lip balm on Instagram before the balm became available in stores. This is the first EOS lip balm that has ever been made to look perfectly translucent.

Fans loved the way the jewel-inspired lip balms looked in photographs surrounded by diamonds as stated also in usmagazine.com. The new Crystal Lip Balms come in two flavors, each equally alluring. Vanilla Orchid is subtle and sweet while Hibiscus Peach is fruity and delightful. Both are crafted using vegan friendly ingredients, which means that they do not have any wax. Since wax often leaves a sticky feeling on the lips, it is great to use a product that is wax-free!

The softening and moisturizing affects of the balms come from the five essential oils that are included in the ingredients. For instance, coconut, avocado, and shea oils will glide onto your lips with every application! View more products here.

Not only has the balm been transformed to look crystal clear, but the case is also brand new! You can check out the new triangular gem-like case at your local Walgreens, Walmart, CVS or Target. See for yourself what the innovative EOS company has come up with this time! Order now your lip balm here on amazon.de.

EOS is an international brand that first started in the US with a quirky and unique spherical lip balm product. As fans started raving about the new look for lip care, EOS skyrocketed to success and outsold large lip care brands such as Chapstick and Blistex. Because EOS is marketed to females, comes in beautiful packaging, and is made with style and health in mind, it appealed to many consumers. People were tired of seeing unisex and clinical looking lip care options. EOS introduced fun and glamour onto the scene!


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