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EOS Lip Balm, The New Craze!

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has done it again! They’ve created something that is being quickly swept off the shelves at your local Walmart, Target, and Walgreen stores. EOS has announced the release of their new line of lip balm products; Vegan Crystal lip balms! On the outside they appear to be like any other EOS lip balm, with a slightly differently packaging. Instead of being the classic sphere or egg shape, it is now triangular, yet round. Not only is the packaging different, but the entire look and formula has changed. The EOS crystal lip balms are now vegan, containing no beeswax! Currently the flavors they have out on the Vegan Crystal lip balm line are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, all available here on amazon.de.

EOS has done it once again, they’ve created a trendy new lip balm that completely blew customers away. Read more info here.

They’ve come a long way since the last decade, having been created from the ground up by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller. The two noticed that the lip balm companies seemed to lack in creativity and packaging, instead they focused on competitive prices. That is where they saw opportunities. They noticed that many young women did not find apply lip balm fun or enjoyable, they just used it as a daily beauty routine. That is where Mehra and Teller decided to shake things up. Starting from the ground up, they decided they were going to reshape the product and make it as creative as possible. They even went as far as to bring in a clay artist to make different model shapes. They wanted to make a completely new product that was imaginative, instead of just making a variant of what was already out there on the market.

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However, they didn’t just want to create something with fancy and unique packaging that would be seen as a trend or fad. Instead, they decided to create something that would appeal to all five senses and last a lifetime. Round soft packaging, unique scents, flavors, and even the click sound as you close the sphere of lip balm. They’ve even gone as far as making all their ingredients organic, however they weren’t vegan until now!

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