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The Great Story of How EOS Lip Balm Takes the Lead Over Chapstick

There is always some new product that is waiting in the wings to knock out whatever product is the most popular product for a certain time frame. That is the case with the battle between the Evolution of Smooth and ChapStick. For the longest time people have known Chapstick to be the favorite when it comes to lip balm product. There is a slow shift in this, and the Evolution of Smooth is the reason for the change.

The lip balm from the Evolution of Smooth has become widely known as one of the most intriguing products for people that are looking for lip balm based on usmagazine.com. This is definitely the case thanks largely to social media.

Fast Company magazine has documented lots of what the Evolution of Smooth has done for the lip balm industry. Celebrities are seen through Instagram and Facebook utilizing this type of lip balm, more beauty hacks here. The flavors are abundant, and this provokes lots of conversations between millennials and preteens that are part of the lip balm and flavored lip gloss generation.

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When people start talking about a product on social media it is easy for people to talk about the product as it spreads and starts to go viral in a huge way. This is the case with the evolution of smooth and all of the flavors that are heavily talked about in the industry today. So much of this has gone viral, and people cannot seem to get enough of the medicated tangerine or berry based flavors of lip balm. This has become the thing that has made this quite a popular company, and EOS to gain steam as more people discover this company through their friends and family members online. The Evolution of Smooth has become the leader in lip balm in a short time frame.

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