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The Incredible contributions of Norman Pattiz

At the age of 74 years, Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne who believes in rising early in the morning, and the last to check in during the night. He advocates for staying busy, joyful and always engaged in bettering one’s life. He is celebrated by many as a celebrity who as infused some best hits. His accolades involve being the best American broadcasting entrepreneur who has contributed a lot to radio networking. His radio supremacy emanates from his exceptional leadership skills that enable his company becomes one of the most significant radio systems. This guy links to seven-panel as an associate in seven firms via five different corporations explaining his level of competence in the radio industry.



He created Courtside Entertainment organization one that initiated PodcastOne and its market research culminating in the countrywide podcast of informed sales and marketing. His qualified staff has been producing various programs weekly and out of this many emerge as trendy topics nationally. This helps in promoting effective communications on matters concerning; entertainment, elite sports coverage, detailed news and even interchange programming. Mr. Pattiz belongs to over ten boards most notable an influential Council affiliate of the Pacific Council and Foreign affairs on global relations. He has also associated with Lawrence Livermore Laboratory as well as the InterPacket Network incorporation. The notable personnel’s in his entertainment group include; Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Kathy Lee Gifford, Adam Carolla, Roddy Piper, and the Sideshow Network only to bring up the major ones. This team of qualified staff helps in delivering quality radio content to its users. Working with this organization is a privilege to all as the experience is informative and educative.


Achievements and success

In the year 2000, Norman was appointed by Bill Clinton to the broadcasting board of governors of the United States of America. His reappointment came in the year 2002 when President Bush made the official announcement. His success follows as he was conscientious in the process of envisioning and commencing of the Americans Arabic language. This project serves over twenty countries in the east as broadcast extends to over 30 million listeners. In 2009, the general Radio Hall of Fame inducted Norman awarding him with the Giants of Broadcasting Award emanating from the American broadcasting congress (http://www.laweekly.com/location/norman-pattiz-auditorium-hamilton-high-school-6170801). His results anticipated that once names of brands emerge, launching was vital as well as creating awareness for these brands flooding the media arena. A Norman outstanding performance marks him as a nobleman.


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