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Samuel Strauch: I Do This To Remain On Top As A Real Estate Entrepreneur

Good things come from The Harvard University. The list of powerful, influential people in the current world has had their fair share of Harvard, and their list is endless. Samuel Strauch, who is being named as a graduate from Harvard, he also went to Hofstra University and graduated with a Business degree. Currently, he is a proud owner of a world leading company called Metrik Holdings.

That does not mean that he jumped the gun, as before this endeavor, he joined his family business, a Real Estate company headquartered in South Florida, consequently starting his very own business called Metrik real Estate Company in South Florida and Latin America in 2002. The company has integrated platforms that deal with management, equity sourcing, development acquisitions and brokerage. Samuel Strauch also invests in a myriad of internet and restaurant businesses, other than him being a photography lover and an avid artist.

If you are wondering where his business idea came from, he explains that he saw an opportunity in real estate development when he came to Miami, as new developments in this field had only started mushrooming. Secondly, the city at the time was being transformed from a vacation town to a complete metropolis on the beach. As an entrepreneur at heart, he started thinking of how these developments could enable him to put together international investors and clients and start his own company to bridge this gap.

Samuel Strauch‘s typical day is typically different, as he for him every day is a day of meeting new people and strengthening healthy relationships with his clients, investors, partners, and brokers and entirely colleagues in his fraternity. This way, perfect properties are gotten while cute ideas necessary for a company to forge ahead are born.

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Strauch explains that one habit that has kept him going is meditation. That gives his mind a time off to focus on his personal and professional life. He continues that what bored him most during his worst job was to organize documents and compiling reports, as his everyday life and ambitions are to be creative and interpersonal.

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