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Relying on Securus Technologies for Prison Safety

Over the last few years, prison violence has been escalating at the facility that I am employed. Ten years ago when I first got my start as a corrections officer, we could walk among the inmates and maintain order more easily. The combination of overcrowded conditions and the ease in which these inmates are able to access contraband behind bars has put all corrections officers at risk. The population of the inmates keeps growing and my team of officers is shrinking, so we have become dependent on a few new resources to help provide a safer working environment.


The incidents of inmates and violence towards guests, staff, and officers, has been on the rise in the last two years. The violence towards other inmates has been stable, but now that more innocents are involved, our superiors were on the hunt for a solution that would be easy to implement in our facility. When they discovered that Securus Technologies had already installed their unique call monitoring system in thousands of the most violent jails around the country, our facility was next you get updated. The company is based in Texas, and the single objective of that company is making the world a safer place for all.


Now that the new phone call monitoring system was in place, we started to notice almost instantaneously that we could get ahead of trouble that used to have us running around trying to catch our tails. The LBS software was hard at work while me and my fellow officers were doing cell inspections or monitoring activities in the visitor center. If the system was able to detect an inmate talking about drugs, contraband, or even weapons, the alert comes down and we spring into immediate action. This way we are able to stay ahead of the trouble and limit those violent incidents.


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Securus Technologies The Leader in the Field of Correctional Technology

Securus Technologies, a company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas is one of the leading providers regarding criminal and civil justice technology solutions for the safety of the public, investigative solutions, information management, monitoring services and correctional solutions. The company boasts of serving a huge number of law enforcement, public safety, and correctional agencies. They have contracts with these agencies which make the services very quick and prompt to the people.


Securus technologies understand the pain of separation from close ones and their team of professionals are actively engaged in creating something new in this field which can boost up the prison telecommunications to the next higher level. Till this date, Securus technology is the only name that comes to the mind of everyone. We are currently living in a modern world of technology which is emerging on a daily basis, and Securus technologies is taking the help of technology along with some innovative ideas for the further improvement of this prison communication technology.


One of the latest press releases of Securus technologies has stated that the people are delighted to use the services of the company. They have received a huge number of positive feedbacks from the users, and the comments of the people have helped them to emerge at a much faster rate. The remote video visitation service lies among the top choices of the people owing to a large number of advantages it provides. I was unable to understand the benefits of the services provided by Securus technologies until a mishap happened with. One of the closest friends of mine, unfortunately, landed in jail. At that point of time, I had no idea what to do, but Securus technologies helped me stay connected to her when I liked and support her in every way. The video conferencing facility helped me to video chat with her from my home and most importantly at a pocket-friendly price.



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Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an advanced corrections facility technology company that was founded in 1986. I’ve seen there base office in Dallas, Texas, but they have offices all over the country and continues to grow every day. They are currently working with over 2,500 prisons all over the United States. They are very focused on advances in technology and in just three years they had invested over $600 million in patents, acquisitions, and innovative technologies.


I find it very important to invest in a company that is focused on customer service. Securus has devoted itself to the needs of the people within the correctional and law enforcement agencies. They work to bring quality service and good calling signals to all over their customers, which is the main reason they caught my attention. As of right now, they are one of the largest telecommunication companies within the correctional facility community. They serve prisons in 45 states, Canada, and Mexico. They provide cell phones service to over a million person occupants that live all over the world. I also noticed that they have made several impressive acquisitions over the past several years, including Guarded Exchange, Jpay, and CellBlox.


As I mentioned, Securus is known for their outstanding customer service. That is supported by the comments and reviews of their customers and clients. These comments came from the officials in correctional facilities all over the world. Securus is constantly creating new services and options for their clients, and that is what these comments are in reference to. One corrections facility was able to use Securus to identify an inmate in possession of contraband. The calls were also used to discover the use of drugs, alcohol, and access to cell phones. Another facility identified a potential safety threat using Securus’ advanced technology. This was all thanks to the covert alert ability.

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Talk Fusion Lands Industry Award

The internet has dramatically changed the way that people interact with and do business with each other. Talk Fusion, founded by CEO Bob Reina, has been at the forefront of this innovation by creating a suite of marketing solutions for video and audio communication. Talk Fusion has quickly risen to the top of the Video Marketing Solutions industry and now they are being rightfully rewarded for it. Talk Fusion was recently decorated with the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the team at Technology Marketing Corporation.

Technology Marketing Corporation likes to award industry leaders who focus on bringing new and engaging concepts to their particular field: communication solutions. Rich Tehrani, the CEO at TMC, said in a press release that the winners of the award were, ” True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Tehrani’s words were not taken lightly by any of the winners of the award, least of all by Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina.

Reina has been the candid and vocal leader at Talk Fusion since the company was first established back in 2007. Upon receiving the award from Tehrani and TMC, Reina was quick to put out his own statement. Reina said, “This is just the beginning.” Reina went on to applaud his hard working IT team as well as all of the other members of his staff. Reina pointed out that his company succeeds because they are so focused on staying ahead of the pack and staying ahead of the curve.

Talk Fusion received their award honor for their work on the Video Chat application that has recently been tearing up the sales charts. This application is part of Talk Fusion’s marketing suite and it is one of their most innovative products to date. The Video Chat application runs on WebRTC technology and it allows users to interface together in real time via video messaging from anywhere in the world across any platforms. Talk Fusion will continue to excel so long as they offer these sorts of innovative products.

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