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EOS Crystal is Here: Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid on Shelves now

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If you haven’t heard about EOS’s latest announcement, you’re sure to soon. Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, just announced a revolutionary new line of lip balm products. The line will be called EOS Crystal and is now available in stores throughout the globe.

EOS Crystal got its name from the fact that it is completely crystal clear. These are the first balms to be completely free of wax and they go on completely clear says usmagazine.com. EOS has also made a big upgrade to the shape of this new line of lip balms. Instead of the fully round shape EOS Crystal will have a bit of a curve on one end. This will allow consumers to apply it a bit more easy.

I am also excited to share that the new flavors are amazing and highly creative in typical EOS fashion. The first is Peach Hibiscus. Unlike many peach balms, the peach is not overwhelming but soft and subtle in a way EOS has become known for in its flavors. The Hibiscus adds an earthy flavor and scent that balances out the peach’s sweetest for a flavor that is perfect for all seasons, not just the summertime that peach typically when peach typically comes into play. The second flavor in Vanilla Orchid. What I love most about this is the Orchid taste. Although I, and I assume most of us, have never tasted an actual orchid, the balm perfectly encapsulated the scent for an almost exotic flavor and scent. The exotic orchid aligns perfectly with classic Vanilla. Shop here and buy your favorite lip balm, allure.com.

EOS Crystal will have the addition of natural essential oils as well, which gives your lips not only moisture but an elegant feel that makes me want to keep my lips naked of almost any other product except a classic lipstick, order now! The EOS Crystal is the perfect addition to your late summer beauty regimen.

Learn more from this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.


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