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Eos’ New Lip Balm Puts The Consumer In The Winning Corner

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Customers were asking for more healthy, vegan friendly options for their makeup kits, and Eos responded with Crystal. An affordable, healthy, crystal clear alternative. The consumer can see the clear difference between Crystal and all other lip balms with all natural oils, and butters, no heavy waxes or harmful dyes, refer also here at usmagazine.com.

Crystal has luscious sunflower, castor, and avocado oils to help add shine to your natural lips. Crystal also has healing coconut and shea butters, to sooth painfully dry and cracking lips. Crystal is a healthy choice for nurturing your lips back to health and to keep them in tip top shape. This hypoallergenic formula is perfect for daily use, and sensitive skin, available here at amazon.com. Not only can Crystal be used to heal your lips, it’s the perfect lip primer for any glossy, waxy or matt lipstick. Crystal can stand up to the job due to the lack of heavy waxs and harmful dyes in Eos’ new and improved recipe. Can you say perfect lip primer?

Along with the new healthy recipe, Eos added a new glamtastic container, sure to let everyone know you’re rocking the best product on the market. When you open the new container, a crystal clear, hydrating, gem is what’s in store to meet you. This new formula, and new look are sure to make you feel like you’re adding pure air into your makeup routine. While making sure you feel good about your choice of lip balm. Crystal is Eos’ way of empowering everyone who uses it, with the ability to make a healthier choice, while staying fashion forward.

Enjoy watching this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc!


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