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Felipe Montoro Jens’ Incredible role in Porto Alegre privatization project

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Felipe Montoro is popular in Brazil for his expertise in infrastructure development. Throughout his career, he has been involved in multiple projects and served on various boards in executive, and advisory positions such as concesionaria do Centro Administrativo, San Antonio Energia SA, and others. Felipe Montoro earned his degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation and Thunderbird school for his management degree. He lives in Sao Paulo next to most of the infrastructure companies he is affiliated.

For an extended period, Brazil controlled most of the state resources, however with time and changes in regime there was a necessity to privatize some of the resources. The process of privatization began in 1980, with the petrochemical, steel, and aeronautics being the pioneer. Several years later, the government agreed to a privatization concession law which encapsulated the telecommunication and the transport sector. New legal frameworks were set up for the operation of newly privatized companies. The changes from the development have increased the efficiency in service provision and further fueled the passing of the general concession plan of 2008.

Recently, Felipe Montoro Jens served in supervision role for the privatization of resources in Porto Alegre. The mayor of Porto Alegre included Felipe in his plans to make sure all the fundamentals were well understood to prepare the way for the easier transition. The first step to begin the process was involved having a seating between the mayor and the established the management council of the municipal program. The purpose of the meeting was to develop the companies to undergo privatization.

The partnership management council was after that setup. The commission does not discuss issues with the mayor, but it is responsible for overseeing the project. The council approves the plans established and executes them diligently. In the case of a dispute, the commission presides over it and gives guidance. Porto Alegre hopes to improve in the market, lighting, sanitation and public hospital department. With the broad knowledge of Felipe Montoro, Porto Alegre is guaranteed to meet its objectives.

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