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George Soros Donates Massive Amount to Philanthropic Foundation.

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George Soros is one of the major tentpoles in the Democratic party as well as the progressive movement taking shape in the United States of America. With Donald Trump in office, a brash Republican who is almost constantly under fire for crass remarks, Soros has taken it upon himself to step up and become a leader in the progressive party. George Soros has a fascinating life and he has done fascinating things that have helped to shape the progressive movement that we know of today. Most recently, George Soros was in the news for donating a stunning $18 billion to his philanthropic foundation — the Open Society Foundations. Let’s learn a little bit about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations in order to appreciate in context the massiveness of this gift.

To get an understanding for what George Soros stands for, you have to see exactly where it is that he came from. George Soros was born in Hungary and he was a teenager in the country during the Nazi occupation of 1944. These kinds of events will obviously mark an individual and Soros would never forget the things that he saw. George Soros and his family would survive the Nazi occupation and eventually end up in London where George himself would take on multiple jobs in order to pay his way through school and what George Soros knows.

After graduation, Soros would make his way to America where he would start up the Soros Hedge Fund. With his success as a hedge fund manager Soros would gain the clout required to make his voice heard in the political arena. He would focus on fighting for equality, social justice, and democracy at home in America and around the globe. Soros would eventually establish the Open Society Foundations almost 30 years ago. His goal with the OSF was to create a network of foundations that would fight for democracy as well as human rights around the globe by working in over 120 different countries. Most recently, George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have begun to get more and more active in the United States following the election of Donald Trump and the ensuing spike of ‘hate incidents’. Soros would go on to donate nearly $10 million to his foundation in the months following the 2016 election

Now, George Soros is shifting his hefty capital toward making a real difference with the Open Society Foundations. Soros has donated nearly $18 million to his philanthropic foundation in order to help fuel their ongoing goals around the world, for the past several years. The primary goal of the Open Society Foundation has been to combat social injustices around the world, as we said, and George Soros only believes that it is now needed more than ever. mr. Soros released a statement this past November saying, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” Soros was, of course, talking about the election of Donald Trump and the corresponding flood of hate crimes throughout the United States.

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