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Lime Crime Helps You Add Some Color to Your Life

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If you’re a fan of makeup, chances are you’re familiar with many of the popular brands like Sephora, Fenty Beauty, Tom Ford, and Revlon, but you may not have heard of Lime Crime. This particular makeup line is the brainchild of Doe Deere, a Russian-born beauty guru, who has made it her mission to market a brand of makeup that is the anthesis of anything currently available in the marketplace today. The company’s business model is predicated on marketing a brand of makeup that is comprised of bold colors, crooked winged eyeliners, and uniquely colored lipstick.

Although LimeCrime is now a huge success, the company was started as an online eBay account in 2004, when Doe Deere was just 17-years old. The inspiration for the company came about as a result of Deere’s desire to find a brand of makeup, that would allow her to express her own unique style. After many fruitless searches, the young entrepreneur set out to launch her own line of makeup that was as far from mainstream as possible.

Remaining true to form, LimeCrime has recently announced plans to launch a hair-coloring product aimed at brunettes looking to add a punch of color to their hair. The company will be adding four more shades to it already successful “Unicorn Hair Collection.” The new colors will include spooky purple, mermaid-inspired green, dusty gray, and deep maroon. Just like the Lime Crime makeup line, these new hair-coloring products are aimed at those who want to break the shackles of conformity and truly express their individuality.

Considering that the initial line of Unicorn Hair was a tremendous success, it only seems natural for this beauty company to follow up with something even more dramatic, and this latest iteration is sure to capture the attention of young female consumers everywhere.

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