Dr. Mark Holterman: A pediatric expert and dedicated lecturer

Dr. Mark Holterman has received much attention in the recent months. This is probably because of his profession and the charity work he engages in. He is a specialist in pediatric medicine and also teaches pediatric surgery at the University of Illinois (college of medicine). Besides that, Dr. Mark Holterman also works with two other hospitals in Peoria. His work in both the hospitals includes conducting surgeries as well as helping children heal from other related diseases. He has been able to conduct numerous successful surgeries which seemed impossible in the eyes of many doctors.

Dr. Mark Holterman also works in collaboration with IPSAC-VN, an organization which was formed to help children in Vietnam. Dr. Mark Holterman has over the years worked with IPSAC-VN to ensure that medical supplies, as well as medical practitioners, get to Vietnam. IPSAC-VN also offers international scholarship programs for Vietnamese doctors in the United States. The program has helped in the improvement of health services in Vietnam especially among little children. Visit linkedin.com to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.

The main goal of Dr. Mark Holterman is to see a complete eradication of chronic diseases such as diabetes. He has undertaken several types of research which have seen him receive awards from different medical organizations such as the American Diabetes Association (ADA) where he is also a member. Dr. Hiolterman together with ADA recently agreed to work together with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Consequently, they formed a program known as Camp PowerUp. It is a program designed for children between the ages of 8 to 16 and uses evidence-based modules to expose kids to more daily activities.

Learn more: https://markholterman.wordpress.com/

Dr. Holterman has served as a professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine since the year 2011. He went to Yale University where he earned his Biology degree and later preceded to the University of Virginia for his Ph.D. and MD respectively. Dr. Mark Holterman is also the CEO of Marian Global health where he focuses on emerging medical technologies in his ongoing research work. He has also authored numerous books and peer-reviewed papers which have been published in major science and medical journals. Read more at Vitals to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.

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If you’re a follower of the world of business, the name Louis Chenevert might be familiar. Louis is a born Canadian who actively associates himself with entrepreneurship and business-related endeavours. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of UTC (United Technologies Corporation), which is a corporation that mainly deals with the manufacturing, researching and developing products such as escalators, elevators, aerospace engines, HVAC and aircraft engines. Louis was also the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada. He is a graduate of HEC Montreal which is an associate of Business School of Montreal University. At this higher learning, Louis acquired a degree in production management. From the same university, he was successfully able to continue his education and earn an honorary doctorate in May 2011. This year came with a lot of accomplishments as Louis wa

s proud to be named as the person of the year following his impressive contribution to the aviation industry. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Prior to his appointment as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada, Mr Chenevert had been an employee of this company for six years. He became the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada in 1999. Seven years later, his dedication saw him being promoted to a senior position as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of UTC in March 2006. To add to his experience, Louis has worked at a popular organization, the General Motors, for 14 years. Later in 2014, Louis made headlines as he came to the decision of resigning from UTC and leaving the then director, Edward Kangas, as the CEO. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

As a result of his expertise and immense dedication to the industry, Louis found himself being the Advisor of the Division of Goldman Merchant Banking. UTC as a corporation has seen a lot of positive growth with Louis Chenevert as the CEO over the years. For instance, he was able to grow the share price of UTC from US$37 to an impressive US$117. This record was significant as Louis made sure that no workforce or technology belonging to the company was used. According to Louis, UTC is a corporation that maintains its focus in aerospace and building technology markets researching and providing synergies.


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The Reality of Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is not that old. However, it is very successful. It has a worth of around $100 billion and the number will undoubtedly continue to increase. But decades ago, the idea of drinking water out of a plastic container was perhaps laughable, perhaps even fathomless. What has made the water bottled industry so successful? But with success comes competition, which is why every bottled water company out there needs to stand out.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded in 2012 by the Californian Ryan Emmons. And what has made this company stand out from others is its Hawaiian aspect. It does, of course, sound fancy and genuine. The word Waiakea, which after all refers to “broad waters,” sounds also quite majestic. But literary, the water that this company sells is obtained from the Mauna Loa Volcano. The water of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is filtered through more than 13,000 feet of volcanic rock. Visit BevNet to know more.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is also based on a triple bottom line platform, the only one in the industry with this type of model. Ryan Emmons, in contrast to his competitors, prioritized the well-being of the environment over profits. However, such platform is what has really made his company stand out from the competition. For starters, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic only uses rPET bottles. And last September, it introduced the world’s first fully degradable bottle, an incredible feat. It is widely known that millions of plastic bottles are dumped into our oceans every year. The major contributors to this problem are China, Indonesia and the Philippines. The new type of material that Waiakea Water will introduce in 2018 is better for the environment because it decomposes faster. A bottle of this kind can totally decompose in two decades. In contrast, conventional plastic water bottles can take more than 800 years to decompose. Visit forbes.com to know more.

Also, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is highly philanthropic. For every liter of water that is sells to its consumers, 650 liters of water are donated to inhabitants of poor African communities. This young company is known for helping a lot the inhabitants of Malawi. They receive on behalf of Waiakea every week cases of water, for example. As a side note, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is recognized by Carbon Neutral.

Visit: http://www.medicaldaily.com/alkaline-water-vs-plain-drinking-water-can-waiakea-bottled-water-lead-optimal-health-330396

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David Giertz Talks About How to Better Your Retirement Benefits

David Giertz, a visionary and inspirational financial planner, argues that most people approaching retirement have misunderstanding or misconception about the social security funds. They hurriedly withdraw the money before retirement and therefore ends up getting less income or unexpected taxes for retirement. David Giertz attributes this to the fact that is unaware of the factors that influence the number of social security funds. According to the study by Nationwide Retirements Institute, about 30% of retired people receive benefits less than they expected and 86% of the future retirees (people planning to retire within ten years) were unable to identify the factors that influence the number of social security funds.

In his research, David Giertz encourages people to be patient as it is the only excellent way of maximizing the social security funds. The duration the amount takes in the bank leads to a corresponding increase in the social funds. An individual is eligible for social security funds at the age of 62 which is much lower than retirement age(between 65 to 70 years).Most people prefer to have their money at that point because of some financial problems they have. They fail to understand that before retirement, the money is considered as part of their income and is therefore liable to taxation.

Also, the money has not fetched much interest. The two factors will significantly reduce the number of social security funds. David Giertz, therefore, advises that to benefit maximally from the security funds, if an individual retires at the age of 66, he should wait up to the age of 70 when the full monthly benefit of $1320 as opposed to $1000 at retirement. At this point, the amount is not considered as income; it is, therefore, free from taxation. Also, the duration is long enough to gain interest.

David Giertz is an accomplished, inspirational financial planner with Executive MBA from the University of Miami as well as holder of Bachelor of Science degree from Millikan University. He has served as president of Nationwide financial and Distribution among others.

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The New EOS Lip Balm Flavor that will Blow You Away

For the longest time, we all thought that lip care meant heading to the drug store and just picking the nearest available chapstick tube. Well, this all changed when EOS got to the lip care scene, re-imagined everything about the sector and made things so much better than they were before. First, they changed the boring packaging of the products and then, they created an array of flavors which make application of lip balm a great pleasure says usmagazine.com. Seeing great stars like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift raving about the product just solidified the reality that the world of lip care had just been changed forever by EOS.

Well, the innovation at EOS is never ending. This is one of the few companies that understand that different customers have varying needs. The great arrays of flavors are supposed to cater for their needs of all their customers. Now, if you are a vegan, you get a chance to appreciate their new lip balm, the crystal vegan lip balm. This new variety is retailing at just $5 at your closest outlet, buy here!

The lip balm variety is a little different from everything you have experienced before. First, there is the fact that the packaging has been changed completely. Instead of the original orb, the new balm is packaged in a mind-boggling pyramid shaped container. The balm is also available in two distinct flavors, the Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The two flavors are amazing, especially considering that the ingredients are coconut oil, Shea Butter, castor and sunflower oils. The great thing about the revamp is that it is completely wax-less and using it does not leave you with the sticky mouth feeling. Grab yourself a piece of this wonderful new product from EOS, you will not be disappointed. The pocket-friendly cost means that you can even grab both flavors.

Discover more amazing details here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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Eos’ New Lip Balm Puts The Consumer In The Winning Corner

Customers were asking for more healthy, vegan friendly options for their makeup kits, and Eos responded with Crystal. An affordable, healthy, crystal clear alternative. The consumer can see the clear difference between Crystal and all other lip balms with all natural oils, and butters, no heavy waxes or harmful dyes, refer also here at usmagazine.com.

Crystal has luscious sunflower, castor, and avocado oils to help add shine to your natural lips. Crystal also has healing coconut and shea butters, to sooth painfully dry and cracking lips. Crystal is a healthy choice for nurturing your lips back to health and to keep them in tip top shape. This hypoallergenic formula is perfect for daily use, and sensitive skin, available here at amazon.com. Not only can Crystal be used to heal your lips, it’s the perfect lip primer for any glossy, waxy or matt lipstick. Crystal can stand up to the job due to the lack of heavy waxs and harmful dyes in Eos’ new and improved recipe. Can you say perfect lip primer?

Along with the new healthy recipe, Eos added a new glamtastic container, sure to let everyone know you’re rocking the best product on the market. When you open the new container, a crystal clear, hydrating, gem is what’s in store to meet you. This new formula, and new look are sure to make you feel like you’re adding pure air into your makeup routine. While making sure you feel good about your choice of lip balm. Crystal is Eos’ way of empowering everyone who uses it, with the ability to make a healthier choice, while staying fashion forward.

Enjoy watching this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc!


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Spice up Your Holiday with the New EOS Lip balm Pumpkin Flavor

EOS stands for evolution of smooth. This is a company which seems to have come out of nowhere and created a complete revolution in the lip care industry. For many years, women believed that there was no other way to take care of their lips other than getting a tube of chapstick from the drug store. However, one company came in and revolutionized the entire industry. EOS started by changing the appearance that people had gotten used to for lip balm, and in addition to that, they have created an array of enticing colors and flavors that one can choose from.

The newest and most exciting of these flavors in the pumpkin flavor, available here at usmagazine.com. This holiday themed flavor was created to spice up your holiday in a special way. The product is a holiday lip balm duo which will be retailing at an attractive cost of $6 only. The first half of the duo contains natural pumpkin spices while the other half contains organic vanilla bean. The combination of flavors is then steeped in Shea Butter hydrates and conditioning oils such that in addition to giving your lips an enticing zesty flavor, the lip balm also offers the best protection for your lips. You can be assured that you will not have a chapped pout as long as you are using the pumpkin themed orb of absolute goodness.

It is important to note that this bundle is a limited edition from EOS and is meant to last only during this holiday season, see products here at imabeautygeek.com. Therefore, if you are a pumpkin princess, and you feel that you absolutely need this flavor in your life, it is time to order for it before it is sold out. EOS has been providing the best lip balm flavors and it will continue offering the best products for their clients.

Learn more here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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Get Your EOS Brand And Save Today

You don’t have to worry about covering your lips when you suffer from extreme dry skin with EOS lip balm products. They give your skin the benefits of fortified all-natural ingredients which saturate your skin to give you an immediate glow says usmagazine.com. You can enrich your skin with the rich ancient remedy included in jojoba oil and shea body butter extracts. There are thousands of women around the world who currently use the EOS lip balm products to help their chaff skin along with the reasonably priced lip balm products, view review here. You can find their lip balm for under $10 and enjoy their variety pack products from select retailers.


Enjoy The Benefits Of EOS Lip Balm Cosmetics

You can now enjoy the benefits of the supreme clinically proven results of the Crystal EOS brand that guarantees complete coverage when you need it with organic ingredients. You can get the same familiar packaging with the benefits of an easy to find container. They also make their lip balm easy to use from the container. There is also a great Evolution of Smooth line that carries other products to enrich your skin including shaving cream. You’re moments away from pampering your skin with EOS products by visiting their website today.

Click this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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Eli Gershkovitch the Man Behind the Success of Steamworks Breweries

Eli Gershkovitch is not only the founder of Steamworks Breweries but also the CEO. In addition to this Eli is a lawyer and pilot. Due to his passion for craft beer which started in 1987 after his graduation from the University of Toronto law school. This was after he tasted the Belgian beer, he then decided to start a career in the beer industry to make an excellent drink to satisfy his passion. He first started as a practicing attorney, where he learned about liquor licensing rules and how best to mate the regulations will work to his advantage. He first chose a sport for his business which was a 100-year-old historic landmark building which included a hot steam heat system, the inspiration for his company’s name. He uses this steam to brew his craft beer. Read more at Release Fact about Eli.

Craft beer is one of the most popular drinks in Canada with an estimated 9 billion dollars in annual sales. The drink has become more popular in the recent years as more small brewers across Canada taking their beer to the market. Some of the best craft beers are found in Canada, these include; Propeller IPA, it has a tone-down bitterness taste with a smooth caramel flavor making it good for both IPA lovers and haters. There is also Pump House Blueberry which has an unmistakable blueberry flavor with a beer taste. There is also a beer called party animal with a 9 percent BVG with a fruity taste and a hoppy flavor. This is one of the best beers to use when you want to let go. Visit ottawacitizen.com to know more about Eli Gershkovitch.

On the 11th -13th of October 2017, there was a Vancouver’s North Shores Craft Beer Week, for the craft beers. The Steamworks Brewing Company attended this event. Earlier in the year, the US Beer Championship had just ended in July. Canada surprisingly took home 24 awards, including ten gold medals. There were nations such as Belize which won the Bronze for Best Foreign Stout, Vietnam which took home Bronze for Best Chocolate/Cocoa Beer and Italy, which took home Silver for Best Herb and Spice Beer. Canada took up most posts that were previously taken by the American beer industry such as Vegetable Beer, American Fruit Beer, and Berliner-style Weisse. One of their breweries made the top 10 breweries of the year.

Read: https://thebrotalk.com/home/eli-gershkovitch-craft-beers/

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A Review of EOS Crystal: a Brand New Era for EOS

Vegans everywhere are flocking to the shelves of their local stores to pick up the recently launched EOS Crystal Lip Balms. While most EOS fans have been fans for years of the gorgeous little orbs there was one ingredient keeping the vegan community at bay: beeswax. Many of us love the smooth taste of beeswax in the traditional EOS balms. However, vegans stay away from products that feature beeswax says usmagazine.com. The new EOS Crystals are completely free of beeswax and totally organic. As with all EOS products, they are completely cruelty free and never tested on animals.

If you aren’t vegan there are still a myriad of reasons to get your EOS Crystal before they sell out. They also have natural oils like Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil that give an extra boost of nourishment. The Crystals are also completely clear for the first time ever. There are just two flavors in the first rollout of EOS Crystal: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Lavender. The Crystals are also slightly angled for the first time ever. The angle allows for more precise application than the previous completely round orb. The new Crystals are flying off shelves, so run and get yours before they sell out!

EOS is known for revolutionizing the lip balm industry. The company went for being virtually unheard of to being the second most popular lip balm, second only to Burt’s Bees products. The orbs were first seen being used by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, singers and fashion bloggers.

The little orbs were a sight to be seen and consumers quickly started searching for an EOS sphere of their own, see here. The company continues to grow and is highly specific about adding new products. The launch of EOS Crystals is definitely a huge deal for EOS lovers everywhere.

Learn more details here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


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