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Relying on Securus Technologies for Prison Safety

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Over the last few years, prison violence has been escalating at the facility that I am employed. Ten years ago when I first got my start as a corrections officer, we could walk among the inmates and maintain order more easily. The combination of overcrowded conditions and the ease in which these inmates are able to access contraband behind bars has put all corrections officers at risk. The population of the inmates keeps growing and my team of officers is shrinking, so we have become dependent on a few new resources to help provide a safer working environment.


The incidents of inmates and violence towards guests, staff, and officers, has been on the rise in the last two years. The violence towards other inmates has been stable, but now that more innocents are involved, our superiors were on the hunt for a solution that would be easy to implement in our facility. When they discovered that Securus Technologies had already installed their unique call monitoring system in thousands of the most violent jails around the country, our facility was next you get updated. The company is based in Texas, and the single objective of that company is making the world a safer place for all.


Now that the new phone call monitoring system was in place, we started to notice almost instantaneously that we could get ahead of trouble that used to have us running around trying to catch our tails. The LBS software was hard at work while me and my fellow officers were doing cell inspections or monitoring activities in the visitor center. If the system was able to detect an inmate talking about drugs, contraband, or even weapons, the alert comes down and we spring into immediate action. This way we are able to stay ahead of the trouble and limit those violent incidents.


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